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Welcome to DGO Gold

  • The Company’s objective is to discover significant gold deposits in Australia through the disciplined and intuitive application and integration of in depth academic research with the vast Australian and State Government geological, geophysical and geochemical data bases and the past exploration data generated over the past 50 years of exploration

Corporate Strategy

The strategy is to undertake exploration to discover new significant gold deposits through investigation of under explored known goldfields, and identification of prospective regions which have been ignored by past explorers. The Company entered into a research agreement with CODES, The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits at the University of Tasmania to provide the geological basis to underpin the company’s exploration strategy. The CODES research has focused over the past decade on identifying districts in which Sediment Hosted Gold Deposits (SHGD) could occur in sedimentary sediments and basins in Australia that are of comparable geologic age to those of the world class SHGD elsewhere in the world.

Corporate Activities

On 13 April 2015 DGO Gold Limited announced the completion of sale of its interest in the all the issued capital of MCGM to GBM Resources Limited (GBM).

• The total consideration was for a cash component of $850,000 and 50 million fully paid ordinary shares in the share capital of GBM that remains in voluntary escrow for a period of 12 months.

• At the shareholders’ meeting held on 17 September 2015 the shareholders approved the consolidation of the capital of the Company from 100 shares to 1 share, the change the name of the Company to DGO Gold Limited; and approve a placement of fully paid ordinary shares to related parties of Eduard Eshuys and Ross Hutton.

The Company has commenced the process of reinvigoration.

Gold Exploration Activities

• The research conducted for the Company by CODES has resulted in the identification of 10 (ten) high priority targets in Australia with potential for sediment hosted gold deposits.

• As the first step exploration tenement applications were made in Western Australia and South Australia where vacant exploration land coincided with the sediment hosted gold deposit targets identified by CODES.

• Research of open file past exploration data as the next step has confirmed the presence of gold in soils and shallow drilling at Ora Banda and Mt Edwards prospects respectively in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. • The Ora Banda, Mt Edwards and Black Flag prospects are located where prospective Black Flag Group sediments are covered by shallow overburden. The Black Flag Group sediments meet the criteria of being the “right” geological age for SHDGs